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Wineries Trip
May 19, 2016


Following a long cold spell, the weather has decided to give us a great taste of spring to head out to 4 wineries in northwest Indiana and southern Michigan.  The weather was glorious and the scenery was beautiful.  Most of the tasting rooms like no more than 30 in a group.  I did sneak in an extra one and they all handled our group quite well.

Our first stop was Shady Creek Winery in Michigan City.  It is a cozy winery with exceptional employees.  We received 4 wine tastings and a full glass of wine of our choosing with lunch.

They had a nice "wine theme" gift shop area.

Our next stop was Hickory Creek Winery in Buchanan, Michigan.  This is a small winery and tasting area, but the weather was so nice, they had all of the doors open, making plenty of room for everyone.  And great fun and friendly employees.

Jan tried her best to deal with Don for his hat.  We even took a vote on who looked better in it.  Jan won, but Don wouldn't give up his hat.

Next was Dablon Winery in Baroda, Michigan.  I believe this winery has just celebrated it's first year in business.  Beautiful inside with a cozy seating area - especially for a winter tasting.

I had told them all to just "belly up to the bar", but these 2 shorties didn't have bellies high enough.

Lovely patio and scenery.

Our last stop was Lemon Creek Winery in Berrien Springs, Michigan. 

I really liked these lights.

Lovely patio and scenery.


There were 3 little turtles in a row sunning themselves on the log.

A great day was had by all and it seemed that the wineries all had a good sale day.