Train Lady 2018



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Train Lady at Wandering Tree Estates
August 8, 2018

Upon arrival on a magnificent day to visit a garden estate, we were shuttled to the estate.  The entry gate and the road into the estate is very narrow, which would not allow a motor coach to enter.  We were greeted by H. L., the Train Lady's son, were given maps of the grounds, and directed to outdoor seating in front of the gazebo until both shuttles arrived.  H. L. then gave his presentation, explanation on the creation of the estate, the history of his parents' adventure, and some funny quips on how the estate came to be.  Yes, there are several pictures, but the grounds were so lovely and fascinating, I had a hard time eliminating many of them.


A picture of the property when it was purchased.


We were then released to explore the entire grounds at our own pace.

The vegetable garden.

The entrance to the train museum.

The museum was based on Chicago's Historical sites and attractions, with the mural being the Chicago skyline.

The major train displays in the garden outside of the museum.  H. L. explained that the trains were taken in every night and brought back out evening morning, taking 3 - 4 hours each morning and evening.  There are 15 track lines in all.

An outdoor barbeque area.

Some great photo opportunity areas.

It was time to board the shuttle to get to the restaurant.  We had to gather up several people, as I don't think they were quite ready to leave.

We arrived at Chessie's Restaurant, which was located in an old train depot, and greeted at the bus by Ron, the Banquet Manager.  The atmosphere was lovely, the food was superb, and the service was outstanding.

When served, the food was piping hot, which rarely happens with groups.

Chicken Parmesan

Encrusted Tilapia

Penne Pasta

Roast Pork Loin

And an Ice Cream Sundae to top off the meal.

It was time to head back home after a truly magnificent day!