Holiday Dinner at The Oliver Inn
December 17, 2011


No one hosts a party like Tom and Alice Erlandson at The Oliver Inn in downtown South Bend, Indiana!  The Oliver Inn Bed & Breakfast is magnificent, Alice is a terrific cook, and they are both so congenial and accommodating. 

First are pictures of the inside of the house before the guests arrived.

The guests begin to arrive and it's time for a bit of socializing before........

........hors d'oeuvres are served, consisting of meatballs, wraps, spinach balls, puffs, and spiced cider.

We then all took our seats for the salad and entree, which consisted of apple and rosemary pork tenderloin, herb potatoes, green beans & red peppers, and homemade rolls.

After taking a little breather and letting our food settle, we all helped ourselves to the desert table, which consisted of pumpkin pie, key lime pie, red velvet mini cupcakes, chocolate mini cupcakes, and chocolate chip shortbread squares.

The weather was extremely cooperative on a mid-December evening, with a bit of a nip in the air and minimal dusting of snow on the ground.

If you are ever in the market to for a group dinner, The Oliver Inn is the place!  They cater to your needs with a variety of your choice of foods.  Our dinner was on a Saturday evening.  The next day, they were hosting a dinner which was consisting of BBQ ribs, meatloaf and macaroni & cheese.  What fun!