The Illusionists





The Illusionists
March 18, 2015

3.18.15:  Hi Becky - Want to thank you for very nice trip--I loved the food and the show was amazing I thought--and also  forgot to give you a big Thank-You when I got off of the bus and hope to see you soon on another adventure.  Nancy G.

3.25.15: Becky, Thanks for the card!  I've never had one before for going on a nice trip.  I think you went so far out for all of us.  We should send you a lot of cards.  The pictures on your website were great of the trip.  Thanks again for picking me up.  And for the nice day.   E. Towne

We were blessed with the nicest day of the year to head to Chicago for lunch and a show. Lunch was at Buca di Beppo's, where you indulge in great food and a very quirky atmosphere.

They always lead us through the kitchen area.

Lunch consisted of homemade bread and dipping oil, Caesar's salad and garden salad, spaghetti marinara, fettuccini Alfredo, chicken parmesan, cheesecake, and soft drinks.

Do you remember your grandma having a cabinet in her bathroom like this?

We then headed to the Cadillac Palace Theatre in downtown Chicago for the show.  I wish I could have gotten better pictures than these.  Between the show being very glitzy and me trying to hide the fact that I was taking pictures, they are not of good quality, but hope they show what this amazing production entertained us with.  The best description I can think of is being very "New Age" in entertainment, presentation and style.

Jeff Hobson, "The Trickster" and emcee, was hilariously funny, flamboyant, and flashy who engaged the audience and brought audience members on stage to participate. 

Yu Ho-Jin, The Manipulator, performed some absolutely amazing card tricks, smoothly producing cards out of nowhere.

A group of the Magic Assistants.

They brought a couple onto the stage to "assist", seating the wife on a stool with her husband standing behind her securing a plate on her head with an apple on the plate.  Aaron Crow, "The Warrior", stood on a rotating platform, had a bow and arrow with a target across the stage.  On his fourth rotation, he shot the arrow, pierced the apple, and the arrow ended up in the center of the target.

Andrew Basso, "The Escapologist", was chained and put into a water chamber upside down, taking him only a little over 3 minutes to escape.

Kevin James, "The Inventor", was a tad bit on the weird side, to say the least, with his forehead painted white and the lower part of his face painted with black "flames".  He was quite unique and very memorable, but certainly kept your attention.

Dan Sperry, "The Anti-Conjuror", was the performer who sawed a man in half.  The man seemed to walk away unharmed and in one piece.

The show was excellent, offering a combination of glitz, glamour, intrigue, and many belly laughs.  At the end of the show, "The Trickster" ended up giving back watches to 3 of the audience participants who never knew he "stole" them off their wrists.