Christ's Passion



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Shrine of Christ's Passion
July 12, 2017

7.12.17  We had a great time today.  The trip was awesome!  We loved the stations.  Felt very relaxed.  Best fish ever.  Thanks.  Anita & John M.

We ended up having to flip our morning activities and afternoon activities - luck was with us again.  The morning brought torrential downpours and the afternoon only offered us intermittent drizzle for visiting the Shrine of Christ's Passion.

Our first stop was Albanese Candy.  This bright and cheerful outlet store just screamed happy when you stepped inside!  And the best gummies you could ever want.

Look closely and you will see that these decorations are made from suckers, those little wax milk bottles filled with colored flavors, rock candy on sticks, etc.

Wonderful gift baskets


After getting our fill of sweets, we went to Chicagoland Popcorn, located right across the highway.  Chicagoland Popcorn offers 250 flavors of popcorn ranging from the popular flavors to the bizarre. 

Chicagoland Popcorn is a local family-owned store owned by two of the most wonderful and entertaining store owners we have ever met on our travels.  Dwayne & Mogda Walker were right behind the counter handing out as many samples as we wanted, while Dwayne entertained us with popcorn trivia.  Dwayne looked more like Muhammad Ali than Muhammad Ali looked like himself.  Look at the size of those bins of popcorn!

When we were ready to depart, Dwayne asked if he could hop on the bus and get someone to take his picture.  He explained that he does a kind of "Where's Waldo" and wanted to use the picture.

It was noon and time for lunch, so we headed down the road to Teibel's - one of my favorite restaurants.  I love the 40's/50's art deco decor.  As one of our passengers said - this is the type of restaurant that we used to get all dressed up on a Saturday night and go to for dinner.

They serve the most wonderful fried chicken and the best lake perch I have ever had.  And their relishes are a wonderful combination in place of a salad.

Fried chicken before.........

fried chicken after.

Lake perch

Fortunately the heavy rains had subsided while we had lunch and we moved down the road to the Shrine of Christ's Passion, where we only experienced intermittent drizzle. 

Pay attention to the magnificent works of the bronze sculptures - veins on the hands, expressions on the faces, tears running down the cheeks.  Our guide was fantastic and loves what she is doing.

A Catholic church that is not on the Shrine's property.

The newest addition at the Shrine.  The sculptor used Charlton Heston's face as Moses for this sculpture.  The likeness rather chilling if you have seen the movie "The Ten Commandments".

Statue at the entrance.

What could have been a miserable day weather-wise turned out wonderful.  The heavy rain had stopped for our outdoor activity and the 100 degree heat index they had been predicting all week never came close to developing.  I have said over and over that I am so fortunate to have the wonderful travelers that I have join me on our adventures.  And I thanked The Lord many times over while at The Shrine for blessing us with such a pleasant day.