Savannah Sipping Society



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"Savannah Sipping Society"
May 10, 2018

We boarded the bus and headed to Cornwell Theatre/Turkeyville to see "Savannah Sipping Society".  We ran into a bit of rain on the way, but the weather turned out to be glorious! 

We arrived a little bit early and shopped through their gift shop and bakery, targeting what we wanted to buy during intermission.  They have one of the best gift shops and bakeries around.  The bonus is that they will hold your purchased and you may pick them up after the performance.  I had to have a cranberry orange nut bread, a peach Danish, and 2 packages of noodles.

When it was time for lunch, we were seated in the dining room.  Lunch consisted of soup, salad, turkey (of course), turkey meatloaf (which was excellent), mashed potatoes & gravy, Brussels sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and you choice of coconut pie or strawberry cheesecake.  They know how to do a turkey dinner!

The performance was excellent, filled with tons of laughs and a bit of a story lesson.  This is a small theatre featuring local performers who do a superb job.  It was full of great lines and plenty of belly laughs.  3 of the 4 performers greeted us upon exiting the theatre.

It was a great day!