David & Mary Ann Poplewski 50th Anniversary
Sunday, July 15, 2012

7.24.12  Thanks, Becky, for the great trip and to Paul also for his excellent skills.  We are looking forward to the German Fest trip.  We sure had fun on our trip.  We stocked up pretty good at the Polish market.  I may have to find my way back there again.  They had good Polish mustard and horseradish that you just can't find everywhere.  That buffet at the Red Apple was excellent.  I just can't say enough about the meal and the service.  What a great 50th Anniversary.  Thanks again.      David & Mary Ann Poplewski

David and Mary Ann Poplewski had contacted me some time ago saying it was their 50th Anniversary and they wanted to take an Alaska Land Tour.  So they picked a date in May and I quoted pricing to them.  They then came back and said they had changed their minds on the date and wanted to go in July.  I again gave them the available dates.  So they then came back a third time and said they had changed their minds again.  David and Mary Ann decided they wanted to share this important event with family and friends and wanted a bus trip set up to match our scheduled trip to "Little Warsaw".  Wow....what a super idea!

In the meantime, I had heard that the old Polish Neighborhood in Chicago was not what it used to be, so my husband and I took a drive up there to see for ourselves.  Like most all of the old ethnic neighborhoods anymore, it had indeed changed, so we did a bit of tweaking with the itinerary.  

We picked up their 29 lovely friends and family members and headed for Chicago.  Our first stop was Millennium Park.  Our arrival time was approximately 10:30 AM and it was already 83 degrees, so we were thrilled that we scheduled our outdoor activity in the morning.

The first pictures below are of Cloud Gate, or what has come to become known as "The Bean".

Me taking a picture of my reflection in "The Bean".

Some of our passengers taking a bit of a rest.

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

More of our group sitting in the shade.

Crown Fountain, also known as "The Water Walls".  I'm sure this shallow pool has been a very welcomed place to play during this hot summer.  Unfortunately, the walls were experiencing maintenance, so the faces that usually show on the walls were not there today.

Sculptures along one of the sidewalks.

The Taste of Chicago was going on just on the next street.  As we were waiting for our passengers, a stream of fire trucks came screaming down the  street, some of which turned into the Taste of Chicago, while the others waited on the outside of the gates.  There's always some kind of excitement in Chicago!

We were then headed to the Red Apple Restaurant for a great Polish-American Buffet!  The food was superb!

The first picture below is David & Mary Ann.  Is that just the cutest T-shirt that David is wearing!

It was then time to dig into the huge variety of delicious food.

We spent a good amount of time going back for seconds and thirds, then sat and enjoyed some socializing before moving on to Kurowski's Sausage Shop.  Now this is what a meat market should be!  And were they ever busy!  You just better bring along a hand-held translator, as most everything was labeled in Polish.  They had the best looking Kiszka I have ever seen, but my husband won't eat it.

We then moved on to the Polish American Museum just down the road and had the most knowledgeable docent greet us and explain so many of the articles in the museum, as well as the history of the building. 

The next picture shows the Stations of the Cross which had been displayed at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.  They were given to the museum when they could not be taken back to Europe since the war had started.

It was time to head home, but en route, even though we were still full, we knew some ice cream from Culver's in Michigan City would settle right down in between all that food in our tummies.

Thank you, David and Mary Ann, for allowing me to share this day with you and all of your lovely friends and family members!  I was honored and very privileged to accompany such a thoughtful couple.  I love that T-shirt!