Polish Fest - Milwaukee
June 19, 2010

Polish Fest this year sure did not measure up to German Fest last year, but after a pretty stormy evening the night before and several of our passengers being without electricity, it was a good day to get away.  We were given beautiful weather, with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

There were polka bands playing and several people dancing.

Some shopped in the booths.

And, of course, Harley Davidson is a huge part of Milwaukee.

Typical gorgeous Wisconsin scenery right on the edge of the festival grounds.

And some of us enjoyed a vodka tasting.

Polish dancers in beautiful costumes.

And a very nice group of young folks who wanted to get in on a picture.

You could also take a sky ride, where you got a great view of the lovely scenery. 

And some of our passengers just enjoying being outdoors on a beautiful day.