Pierogi Fest




Pierogi Fest
July 27, 2014

7.29.14  Thank you so much. We surely had a great time.  Dottie F.

7.29.14  I recognize the nuns as the ones at St. Francis Health Services in Mishawaka (in the hills on Dragoon Trail). I worked there for 10 years. They have (own) hospitals in Chicago Heights, Evanston, Crown Point, Hammond and Michigan City. I worked for the Corp Attorney.  Rosie K.


Thunderstorms were predicted for part of the day, but we boarded our 50 passengers, with most bringing along their umbrellas to make the best of the day.  Fortunately, all I ever felt were about 6 raindrops, so we were very fortunate. 

We headed off to Whiting, Indiana to eat pierogis, have a beer or two, shop the vendors booths, and polka.

Many thanks to Lisa G. and Nancy Z. for some of the below pictures.

There was much humor in the signs throughout the festival.

A vendor with Polish merchandise for sale.

A cute group of busias strolling through the festival.

The porta-potties were even air-conditioned!

Mr. Pierogi was captured for a photo opportunity.

You could even buy a special hat.

There was a huge crowd in attendance and I tried to get a shot of the crowded street, but there was little opportunity to find an opening.

Did you go to Catholic school and yearn to get a little revenge on a nun in your adult years?  Here was the opportunity.

It looks like Amy took "Pierogi Fest" to heart.  She even folded her paper plate to look like a pierogi.

A typical combo plate.

After a fun afternoon and some face-painting, it was time to head home.