2018 Trips



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Photo Album 2018

Gun LakeAnd believe it or not, I did not take any food photos this time! 

"Love Never Dies":  There are not enough words to describe how magnificent the costumes and scenery were.

Holocaust Museum:  I should have taken a picture of the rows of shoes in the hallway outside the door.

"Cabaret":  They always have a backdrop from the current performance and highly encourage that photos be taken in front of the backdrop.

FireKeepers:  I heard of 3 nice little hits for the day - $300, $700, and $1,000.

Laughlin April:  What a joy it was to get out of the long-lasting winter we are having.  The temperatures were in the high 80's and low 90's in Nevada and Arizona.  It felt pretty good to me!

Savannah Sipping Society:  The performance was excellent, filled with tons of laughs and a bit of a story lesson.

Peoria Riverboat Cruise:  Julie gave us each graham crackers and instructed us to put the end in our mouth and the reindeer would take them from us.  She said they only like Nabisco Honey Grahams.

"Once":  There is always a backdrop at every performance, making for a great photo opportunity.

"South Pacific":  Drury Lane Theatre was more crowded for this production than I have ever seen it in all the times we have attended performances there

Cubs vs Pirates:  Standing outside the park, by the uproar of the crowd, I could tell the Cubs had won.  Final score 3 - 1.