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Laughlin 2017 Jan:  We came across this interesting little plot, which we believed was a small burial site.

Indianapolis Flower ShowWe switched it up a bit this year and decided to offer the Indianapolis Flower & Patio Show instead of the Chicago Flower Show.  It was held at the Indianapolis 4H Fairgrounds and was huge, encompassing 2 full buildings.

Drury Lane "Saturday Night Fever" March 15:  Drury Lane is a lovely facility, making it a very enjoyable day with a high-energy performance and great music.

Drury Lane "Saturday Night Fever" March 16:  I had to get a picture of the magnificent disco ball that hung above the stage.

Gun Lake April:  I'm not sure if anyone won a nice little jackpot.

Biloxi & New OrleansWhen asked what my favorite trip has been over the years, I have always answered with New York City.  I now have to change that answer to Biloxi & New Orleans.

Motown the MusicalWe took a group to see Motown in Chicago a few years ago, and this performance in Kalamazoo certainly did not disappoint us!  It was just as good - and maybe even a tad bit better.

Horseshoe Casino:  Off to the Horseshoe Casino again in Hammond, Indiana with our bus filled to the brim and several new faces onboard.  New passengers are always welcome to join us!

Chicago Botanic Gardens:  The Corpse Flower blooms once a year and only lasts one day.  We were there the day it was in full bloom.

Drury Lane - "Chicago":  The "No Pictures Police" were on their toes that day, so I was only able to sneak in 2 photos.  The costumes and scenes were super, so I regret that I could not get pictures after being tapped on the shoulder.

Cornwell/TurkeyvilleCan you tell by my plate that I love a traditional turkey dinner?

Cubs vs Padres:  I have never been anywhere with the police presence that was there that day.

FireKeepers & Essenhaus:  For the first time in our 16 year history, we had 2 buses for a trip.

Shrine of Christ's Passion:  I have said over and over that I am so fortunate to have the wonderful travelers that I have join me on our adventures.  And I thanked The Lord many times over while at The Shrine for blessing us with such a pleasant day.

Soaring Eagle:  The resort area is lovely with an indoor pool and hot tub, an outdoor hot tub, and a beautiful lounging area.

Arlington:  Audrey was the top winner of the day.  Her first time on a bus trip and first time at the horse races.  Isn't that called "beginner's luck"?

Pierogi Fest:  And did you ever hear of a foot long grilled cheese?

Canada:  We were then taken to the Sandwich Bedford United Church, where the Woman's Christian Temperance Union tried to reform us with the help of the preacher.

Cornwell:  Some of the cast met with the audience after the show and gave us a nice pose.  Nicole Tompkins (pictured) is from South Bend.

Heritage Trail:  Did you know that a baby camel must be standing next to its mother before the mother's milk will drop for milking?

Gun Lake Aug.:  Wow......talk about big changes to a casino!

Cubs vs Toronto:  I have to say that the Toronto Blue Jays fans were the nicest and most polite visiting fans I have run into at Wrigley field.

Pigeon Forge: As I had mentioned to remember the entertainer at the Smoky Mountain Opry - it turned out he was our step-on guide.  He was absolutely super!  As they say - "Clothes make the man".

IKEA:  George looked as though he wondered how women could shop like this.

Horseshoe Sept.:  Either I was very hungry that day, or the buffet was extra good.

Gangster Tour:  The picture on the wall in the center is the book cover of John Binder's book "The Chicago Outfit".  John was our step-on guide in the afternoon.

"Rock of Ages":  The time was the 80's.  It was AC/DC, rock-n-roll, Lynyrd Skynyrd, fringe, Kiss, free love, and Pink Floyd.

Michigan Wineries 2017We thought mid-October would be a crisp fall day, but it turned out to be a warm, sunny stellar day......perfect for some wine tasting.

Tunica CasinosEarly afternoon, we headed to Beale Street in Memphis - the home of the blues.  Upon arrival, we wondered why the street was blocked off and later learned on the news that one of the Jackson brothers was due there for a visit.

Million Dollar Quartet:  We found Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois to be a lovely theatre comparable to The Morris in South Bend and the Lerner in Elkhart. 

Eli's Cheesecake:  By the looks of our filled bus and a full luggage compartment after shopping, it seems everyone had a great shopping spree!

Frankenmuth:  We were off to enjoy our 5th annual trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan to get in the Christmas spirit.  Frankenmuth knows how to do that well!

FireKeepers December:  After boarding the last of our 55 passengers, we headed north to FireKeepers Casino for 4 hours of play time.  Out of all the casinos we visit, FireKeepers still remains the favorite. 

Elf:  We had a darling 8-year old girl on the trip with her grandmother.  It was her first time on a bus and the first time at the theatre.  She was a delight!

Laughlin 2017 Dec.:  Lunch was at the Hualapai Lodge & Diamond Creek Restaurant located on the Hualapai Reservation.