2014 Trips



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Photo Album 2014


Laughlin, NV - January:  The Kingston Trio was having a Press Session in the afternoon.  We had tickets for the show that evening, so we had to attend and had front row seats.

Flower & Garden Show:  After a brutal winter and with there still being snow on the ground, it was a pleasure to be able to get out and smell spring flowers at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show on Navy Pier in Chicago.

FireKeepers & Rosie's March:  I am always under the impression that we can not take pictures in the casino, but my husband informed me on the way home that there were a couple of ladies who were actually posing for pictures at the machines, lying on the sofa in the casino, etc.

Eli's Cheesecake, Superior Nut & Candy, Kurowski's"Took us five trips to get everything in the house. Thanks Becky."  Bill & Sue G.

Vera Bradley Outlet SaleSomeone said to me at the checkout "These bright colors and prints just make you smile".

Horseshoe Casino April:  Most everyone went to claim their free Chicago Blackhawks tee-shirts before leaving and proudly showed them off.

Laughlin, NV - April:  At first, I thought someone had camped on the beach until I got to the other side and saw it was a sun protection tent.

FireKeepers Casino:  I think Mike took the prize for making the best haystack.

NASCAR - Michigan Speedway:  There were 7 accidents in all, with an accident in Lap #1, then again in Lap #2, but none resulted in any of the cars being out of the race.  Jimmy Johnson won the race.

Motown the Musical:  The show was absolutely fantastic!  Out of the three shows similar to this that we have gone to see - Jersey Boys, Million Dollar Quartet, and Motown - I feel Motown the Musical has been the best!

Atlantic City:  As we boarded the bus on Monday headed for Atlantic City, the weather forecast was not looking good for our visit, but we were going to make the best of it - and that we did!!!!

Pierogi Fest:  The porta-potties were even air-conditioned!

Cubs vs Orioles:  The Cubs won over the Orioles 4 - 1.

Horseshoe Casino August:  The casino was busy and there were a couple of nice little winners on our bus.

Field Museum:  Did you ever wonder what the remains look like when a mummy is unwrapped?

IKEA:  We had some serious shoppers on this trip!  The luggage bay area of the bus just after IKEA and not all of the packages were loaded yet.

Tunica Casinos:  I understand there were a couple of fatter wallets being taken home - certainly not mine though.

Jewelry, Fashions & Accessories Show:  He made a necklace for one of our passengers, starting with plain thin wire and twisted it into her name with a pair of needle nose pliers.

FireKeepers Casino:  It was a very busy day at the casino.  I counted 7 buses when we arrived.

Switzerland, Austria & Bavaria:  We assisted 7 people to go on Collette Vacations' 10-day tour to Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria.

Horseshoe Casino November:  We even had 3 nice little winners that I know of.

Eli's Cheesecake:  After loading our purchases at Superior Nut & Candy, the baggage area under the bus was virtually full.

Frankenmuth:  They did a couple of impersonations, and did a darn good job of it!  The drummer was hysterical as Tina Turner and he worked it pretty close to what Tina Turner does.  And look at those legs!