2011 Trips



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2011 Trips

Million Dollar Quarter:  The show was filled with fantastic music of the 50's by wonderful actors portraying Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.  The actor who portrayed Johnny Cash has his mannerisms down to a fine science.  Our favorite was "Jerry Lee Lewis".  He was a hoot and perfectly showed his music and athletic abilities.

FireKeepers Casino & Amish DinnerDue to the family having the flu, we were unable to have dinner at Rosie's, but we found a wonderful substitution in Shipshewana.  Carolyn Yoder happily took our group with only a few days notice. 

NASCAR - MISIt was a perfect day weather-wise for a day at the track. Temperatures were in the high 70's and they were predicting rain in the late afternoon.  The rain did cooperate and held off until our ride home.

FireKeepers Casino & Amish Dinner:  When we first started going to Rosie's her granddaughters were just little girls.  They are now helping grandma serve the guests!  Amazing how fast they grow.

Cubs vs Giants:  Thank you to Nancy Z. for some of the pictures in and around the park - especially the hit that won the game for the Cubs!

Seadog Architectural Cruise:  Whenever I have ridden the Seadog before, they gave us a fun fast 5 minute ride on the lake, but today they took us a long way out onto the lake for a great 20 minute speedboat ride!  One of our passengers even asked if they were taking us back to Indiana!

Milwaukee Food Tour:  On the way to our last stop, we stopped at a plaza for a photo opportunity with "The Fonz".  If you remember, LaVerne & Shirley was supposed to have taken place in Milwaukee.  Thank you Theresa and Michelle at Milwaukee Food Tours, all of the shops and restaurants, and thank you Milwaukee for giving us a superb visit.  We will be back!

Tunica Casinos & Ghost Tour:  As a bonus, it was Wednesday Bike Night on Beale Street.  Hundreds of motorcyclists (mostly Harleys) crowded and lined Beale Street to show off their machines.  The streets and sidewalks were shoulder to shoulder people looking at the motorcycles, milling around and eating at the sidewalk eateries.

Million Dollar Quartet 2:  On the way to the theatre, someone asked Paul, our driver, if he knew where the new Marilyn Monroe statue was located.  To our surprise, when we came out of the theatre and loaded the bus, Paul had looked up the location on the Internet and drove past the statue located on a plaza on Michigan Avenue.  It was a thrill seeing her from the bus standing 44 feet tall.  Paul always goes that extra mile for us to add a little extra to our trips.

Cubs vs Houston:  The last Cubs game of the season that we will be attending came on a chilly day, but it was worth it......the Cubbies won!

FireKeepers Casino & Amish Dinner:  Carolyn always serves up a great meal - today consisting of chicken, Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, mixed vegetables, homemade bread and jam, peanut butter spread, salad and pies.  Thank you Tom B. for offering a lovely Blessing before dinner.

Bobby Vinton:  I do believe we had the biggest Bobby Vinton fan there ever was on our bus!  She was totally beside herself when he grabbed her hand......TWICE!  Lee was positive he remembered her from sitting on her lap at a concert 30 years ago!  We had sold out our 42 tickets, but when Paul, our driver, found out the night before that Lee was such a great fan, he gave up his ticket to her.  Thank you, Paul!

Eli's Cheesecake:  Prior to the tour, a number was drawn.  Maxine M was the winner and she got to make her choice of 4 toppings to be put on the cheesecake being decorated and take it home.

KaLightoscope Christmas:  These displays were made in China from silk, which explains the extraordinary bright colors.  I don't think you can achieve colors like this from any fabric other than silk.

Oak Ridge Boys:  The Oak Ridge Boys is the only group that has played at the Star Plaza each year since it opened 32 years ago.  Pretty amazing!

The Oliver Inn:  If you are ever in the market to for a group dinner, The Oliver Inn is the place!  They cater to your needs with a variety of your choice of foods.  Our dinner was on a Saturday evening.  The next day, they were hosting a dinner which was consisting of BBQ ribs, meatloaf and macaroni & cheese.  What fun!