2010 Trips



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2010 Trips

FireKeeper's CasinoFireKeeper's Casino has become my favorite casino!  So far, I have come home from each trip ahead - not much, but still ahead.

Cubs vs. Marlins:  Even though it was a very cold day with no rain for our 50 passengers at Wrigley Field, it was exciting watching the Cubs win! 

Polish Fest:  Polish Fest this year sure did not measure up to German Fest last year, but after a pretty stormy evening the night before and several of our passengers being without electricity, it was a good day to get away.  We were given beautiful weather, with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Cubs vs. Pirates:  Another great day at Wrigley Field.  Although I am not a baseball fan, I always enjoy the atmosphere in the area outside of Wrigley Field, as well as in the park.

FireKeeper's Casino & Amish Dinner:  We expected it to be very warm in the house, being it was such a warm day and no air conditioning in the house, but we were pleasantly comfortable in the house.  Rosie had cooked in her summer kitchen, so all of the cooking heat was kept out there.  How would you like cooking a huge meal for 44 people on a hot summer day?

Meijer Gardens & Chihuly Exhibiton: It was a little drizzly as we loaded the bus to head for Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, but it turned out to be a super day, with beautiful blue skies and while fluffy clouds.  Meijer Gardens has experienced record breaking attendance during this Chihuly Exhibition!

Cubs vs. Braves:  Sorry to say, the Cubbies lost in the final inning, but our passengers still had smiles on their faces after spending a great day at Wrigley Field.

Tunica and Memphis Mojo TourGary Hardy, our step-on guide, was born and raised in Memphis and had been in the music business most all his life.  He was a writer and producer of music, so extremely knowledgeable about the early history, development and happenings of music in the Memphis area. 

FireKeeper's & Amish Dinner/NovemberAfter spending 4 hours at FireKeeper's for an afternoon of fun gaming, we loaded the bus and headed for Rosie's for a great dinner.  Upon arrival, we found no one outside - they were all inside busily preparing for our arrival.

Eli's Cheesecake & Superior Nut:  I'm sure with all that our group purchased, Eli's will hope to see us back very soon!

Bears vs Lions:  And the Bears fans on the bus even got along with the Lions fans on the bus.  ;-)

Progressive Christmas Dinner:  As always, this is probably one of the most favorite activities we offer each year.  It gives our local residents the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful local treasures we have here in South Bend.