2019 Trips



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2019 Trips

"The Producers":  We were privileged to have a delightful couple from England who were visiting here with friends.

Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2019:  All in all, it was a great way to celebrate spring!

FireKeepers Casino & Essenhaus:  The casinos don't seem to be as strict as they used to be about taking pictures in the casinos.

"Old Time Religion":  The tan turkey up front and center was really struttin' his stuff!  He came forward facing the camera and rotated himself back and forth to show us what he had.  One of the men who was standing among us said it was mating season.  As you can see, the lady turkeys were not totally impressed.

"August Rush":  I'm guessing the entire balcony was filled with students who, I assume, are wanting to get into the arts.  After the show was over, all the students came downstairs and took their seats at the very front of the theatre where the actors and musicians came out to give a presentation and a sort of workshop.  It was heart-warming to see 100's of interested students.

"Midlife Crisis":  You can always be assured that the productions at Cornwell's Dinner Theatre are always good for laughs and always good clean entertainment.

Cubs vs Mets:  They lost the game that day, but it was only the second time we attended a game since 2008 that they lost, so not a bad record for us.   Cubs fans are as loyal as they come!