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Photo Album 2016

Laughlin - JanuaryThe burros are all direct descendents of the burros which were left after the gold miners left Oatman.  There is only one male - Duke - who inhabits the area.

Chicago Flower & Garden Show:  This peacock was spectacular.  The serpent was pretty cute too.

Horseshoe Casino March:  You can see lots of smiles, so most of the passengers must have held their own.

Gun Lake Casino:  Look at the size of that ham steak!

FireKeepers - Elks:  While we were there, it was announced that someone hit $507,000.00+ on a $5.00 machine.

Drury Lane - "Hazel":  This show contained all of the elements for an entertaining day - singing, dancing, talent, good food, and some good laughs.

Laughlin - May:  I decided to play a little bit before heading to mass.  I hit 450 free spins, so needless to say, I never made it to mass.

Wineries Trip:  I had told them all to just "belly up to the bar", but these 2 shorties didn't have bellies high enough.

Rivers Casino:  Every week, the buffet has a section which features a different country.  This week it was Brazil.

Cubs June:  Cubs won 7 - 2!

FireKeepers & Essenhaus:  I did hear of someone coming home a nice winner and tried to pawn the bill for the meal off on them, but the husband didn't like that idea very well.

Chicago Botanic Gardens:  If a person ever needs some peace and solitude, all they need to do is grab a good book or their ipod and find a nice bench here.

Navy Pier

Amish Women in BusinessThe camels are milked and the milk sold for health enrichment.  They also make soaps and lotions from the camel milk.

Horseshoe Casino:  The casino had a special drawing in which several of our passengers won $25 in free play.

Pierogi Fest:  This lady was a hoot and was thoroughly enjoying her day of entertaining.  She was at a tent featuring corn hole to win prizes.  One of our passengers had to give it a try.  It was all for charity.

Cubs vs Marlins:  And by the thunderous roar coming from inside Wrigley Field, I knew to get my camera ready.

Arlington:  It only took 1 or 2 races and they quickly learned how the betting process worked.

Kinky Boots:  Keep in mind that the performers in the flashy costumes are men - or "Drag Queens', as they referred to themselves.

Wineries Fall:  We had several passengers on the bus who had never been to a winery and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

IKEA:  IKEA is a Swedish based company where you can buy anything and everything for your home, with the exception of anything that runs on electric, such as toasters, mixers, etc.

Gun Lake:  We were given $5.00 to be applied to our meal, making it easy to have a nice meal for only $2.00 or $3.00.

Savannah & Charleston:  If you look at the picture, you will see a lonely sailboat stuck in the grasses, just about centered in the picture.  We assumed it was washed there during the hurricane.

Horseshoe Nov:  I've made an interesting discovery regarding picture taking.

Drury Lane "Crazy For You":  The theatre itself is beautiful, the food is great, and it's an easy walk from the dining room to the theatre. 

Eli's Cheesecake:  My dessert consisted of 3 more potato pancakes and a cheese blintz.

Frankenmuth:  The sign reads "Silent Night was first sung and accompanied by a guitar because the Church organ needed repair".

FireKeepers Casino:  We had most everyone on the bus waiting for the stragglers, who we hoped were cashing in a big jackpot.

Salvation Army:  We had the pleasure of hosting the Goshen Salvation Army for the 2nd year on their Christmas excursion to Connie's Pizza and Lincoln Park Zoo Lights in Chicago.

San Antonio HolidayWe had a photo op with Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson. 

Zoo LightsCongratulations to the City of Chicago for still exhibiting their large Nativity!