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"Once" - Paramount Theatre
May 30, 2018

I have to admit that this production was a bit different than most productions I've seen.  The music, dancing, and singing was outstanding, but it was still different to me.  I was told by a couple on the bus that they had seen "Once" in South Bend, and the production at the Paramount was better.  Of course, I'm also partial to Paramount. 

En route, we stopped at the Lake County Visitors Center to stretch our legs.  They were in the midst of setting up a display in their exhibit hall featuring artwork made from beads.  Someone on the bus told me they were trying to surpass the Guinness World Record for the most beads on display.  The pieces were outstanding!  Below are just a few.  The duck was cut glass, rather than beads.

We then moved on to Aurora, Illinois to have lunch in the Meyer Ballroom directly across the street prior to the performance.  The buffet consisted of Greek salad, rolls, lemon chicken, green beans, potatoes, and Baklava.

Then across the street to Paramount Theatre.

The fella sitting in the seats at the end of our row was a bit grumpy when he had to get up for us to reach our seats, so I didn't want to disturb him again to get out and take pictures of our seated passengers.  Consequently, I did get the back of their heads.

I snuck in a little bit of the stage while they were entertaining us with music and dance prior to the performance.

The inside of this beautiful theatre.

There is always a backdrop at every performance, making for a great photo opportunity.