Old Time Religion



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"Old Time Religion"
April 25, 2019

It's always a fun and very easy trip visiting Cornwell/Turkeyville.  We drop you off right at the door, the entire facility is all one level, making it very easy for any with mobility issues, besides the shows at Cornwell are always funny, clean entertainment with a great turkey dinner. 

Upon arrival, there is a bit of time to visit their gift shop and bakery.  Patti Cornwell stepped onto the bus, explained the procedure, and mentioned they had 2 new breads in their bakery - rhubarb bread and vegetable bread, mentioning the vegetable bread made wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches.  By the time we were called to the theatre, all of the vegetable bread was gone.  The next day when my hubby and I were eating our dinner of grilled cheese made with vegetable bread, I mentioned to him that I wondered how many people were having grilled cheese for dinner.  It was very tasty and added just a bit of sweetness to the sandwich.

Susie looking for a new hat.

A nice selection of children's toys and games.

The menu for the day.

George, our driver, in line to fill his plate.

We are dismissed after lunch so the servers can clear the tables prior to the performance, giving us time to go out back and visit the nice boutique shop and see the turkeys that are roaming the premises.  The turkeys were out in full force that day showing off. 

The tan turkey up front and center was really struttin' his stuff!  He came forward facing the camera and rotated himself back and forth to show us what he had.  One of the men who was standing among us said it was mating season.  As you can see, the lady turkeys were not totally impressed.

It was time to go back inside to see the show.  As always, a lot of humor packed into a wonderfully inspirational show with many spiritual songs that we know and could sing along.  Of course, no cameras allowed during the show, but the actors are always waiting at the exit to greet us and thank us for coming.

Some nice rocking chairs at the entrance/exit while waiting for the bus to pick us up.