Oak Ridge Boys
December 11, 2011


12.11.11 - For those of you who did not take this trip we went on today, Sun.12-11, you missed a most amazing day. Not only did we have great weather, and a great program, but the entire day could not have been any better. I have never been to an Oak Ridge Boys concert, but I would highly recommend it.  As usual, Becky, did a super job of planning the entire day.  She has some great trips in the works for 2012.  Merry Christmas to all and the best in the New Year.      Phyllis

What a glorious, sun-shiny, warm-for-December day we were blessed with! 

Our first stop was at the Lake County Visitor's Center, whose theme focused on the movie "A Christmas Story".  The producer of this movie was born and raised in Hammond - thus the name Hohman in the movie.  So this was the theme at the visitor's center.  The very unique building has a definite theme built into the structure.

Along the walls of the display area were windows featuring animations depicting the movie.

Area businesses decorated and donated Christmas trees and you could vote for your favorite tree.

They also had an ugly lamp contest.

Of course, Santa was also there to greet the long line of children waiting.

For lunch, we went to Teibel's in Schererville for a totally outstanding lunch!  First came their own cole slaw, red beets and cottage cheese.  Next served was chicken, the best lake perch I have ever had, and parsley potatoes.  When the main course comes at dinner, I am usually so ready to dig in that I always set my camera aside and forget to take a picture - I just dig in.  Then peppermint ice cream and beverages were served.  Someone mentioned that it reminded him of a 70's Retro Style classic dinner club.  Another lady mentioned she could have just eaten the red beets and perch.  It was a great meal!

Below are pictures of the Christmas displays at Teibel's.

We then loaded the bus for the Star Plaza Theatre for the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show.  The Oak Ridge Boys is the only group that has played at the Star Plaza each year since it opened 32 years ago.  Pretty amazing!  The show was fabulous and these guys entertain and sound as good as they did 32 years ago.  The first half of the show consisted of traditional Oak Ridge Boys music, as well as patriotic songs.  Of course, the normal announcement was made that photographs were strictly prohibited during the performance, so I took some pictures before the performance started as the auditorium was filling up.

When the performance started, cameras began flashing, so I was going to get in my one shot.

During the intermission, the Munster High School Chorale beautifully performed 4 songs.  They were superb!

The Oak Ridge Boys came back onto the stage to finish their performance.  The entire show lasted about 3 hours.  Well, when they returned, it was a near free-for-all for the camera flashing, so I had to get in and do my part.

When they came out and sat in the rocking chairs, they mentioned that after all these years, "get out there and rock" had a whole new connotation to it. 

Santa arrived for a few songs, then went into the audience to pass out goodies to the kids.

And the show came to its finale with "snow" fluttering onto the stage.  This was probably one of the best Christmas concerts I have ever attended.