Oak Ridge Boys 2012




Oak Ridge Boys 2012
Sunday, November 25, 2012


11.26.12  Morning Becky   As usual another wonderful bus trip--great restaurant (Teibel's) and the great Oak Ridge Boys Christmas tour at Star Plaza Theatre and great new driver (but we missed Paul) all together a very fine way to spend Sunday.  I pray our paths cross again soon !!!
Thanx   Nancy G

11.27.12  The dinner Sunday was great and the Oak Ridge Boys concert was fabulous!! Loved the pictures  Marilyn S

We have been so fortunate to have been afforded such outstanding weather on trips and today was no exception.  Very sunny, clear, and just a little bit cool, but 50's is outstanding for late November.

Paul, our usual driver, was not driving for us today, but Chuck did an excellent job - not to mention he was wearing a Notre Dame hat!


We arrived at Teibel's for lunch.  A great restaurant if you haven't been there before.

A locally owned restaurant for several years with nicely decorated hallways leading to the restaurant area.

I always choose their relishes over a standard salad to begin.  Homemade red beets and cole slaw, and cottage cheese.

Then a cream of chicken soup and rolls.

The best lake perch I have ever had.

Fried chicken

Red skin parsley potatoes and their homemade tartar sauce.

By the time we had finished eating, I never gave it a thought to take a picture of the peppermint stick ice cream.

With tummies full, it was time to depart for the Star Plaza Theater.  We were a little ahead of schedule, so we got the prime parking spot right at the door for drop off and pick up.  Even if you aren't a big fan of the Oak Ridge Boys, you have to love the great concert they put on....and it was totally different from last year's.

And it wouldn't be an Oak Ridge Boys concert without "Elvira"!  Giddyup Oom Poh Poh Mow Mow

Santa arrived riding his Peterbilt sleigh and passed out Santa hats to all the kids in the audience.

As the concert was about to come to an end, it started "snowing" onstage.