NunSense A-Men



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"NunSense A-Men"
October 19, 2018

Cornwell Theater is a great local family-owned entertainment and shopping venue.  The entire facility is especially desirable for those who may have mobility restrictions, as it is all one level with ramps where steps would be.  Their productions are always funny and entertaining and they have a wonderful gift shop and bakery.  Cornwell/Turkeyville has become one of our favorites.

Prior to lunch being served, the actors mingled through the crowd.

Since I was seated in the center of the table, I would have disturbed many of the people to get out to take pictures of our travelers throughout the room, so I just took the pictures from my seat.

Salads were served.

The soup was delicious.

My plate consisting of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, Harvard beets, rice casserole, squash.  Cranberry relish and rolls were also served.  Yes, I ate it all!

We were dismissed for about 45 minutes to shop in the gift shop and bakery while they cleared the tables.  There is also a wonderful gift shop on the read of the property which I had never gone into before.  I wish I had taken pictures in there.  They have a beautiful selection of jewelry, clothing, and antiques. 

We then went back into the dining room/theater area to see "NunSense A-Amen".  The play consisted of 5 men who had joined the convent.  It was quite funny, especially if you had attended Catholic school as a child.  There was a group atrending from a Mennonite Church which I don't think understood some of the lines or actions, especially when Mother Superior wielded "her" ruler.  I did snap a picture during the introduction before we were told pictures were not allowed.

Three of the actors greeted us as we left and were happy to pose for pictures.  From left to right:  Marcia (not a nun), Sister Amnesia, Sister Robert Ann, and Mother Superior.