New York City



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New York City
September 6 - 11, 2015

9.12.15  (Posted on Facebook)  Just got back from New York with Becky Wiegand/TravelStarz If you want a wonderful first class trip get a call in to her. It was fabulous, had so much on the agenda, Did the Empire Bldg, dinner there, observation deck. We stayed at 52nd and Broadway right down from Times Square..almost all dinners at great places, Broadway play, Central Park, Ellis Island, Way too much to list it all...I know she will not have one soon but save your sheckels for next one. She also does many day trips and alot of gaming trips. Always wanted to go there was not disappointed..She is on the internet TravelStarz. Thought I loved Chicago, but New York is fantabulous,with guides of course.  Toni Y.

We headed out for our New York City adventure on a bit of a drizzly morning.


As luck would have it, the rain stopped before reaching the Watson Inn for dinner in Watsontown, PA with a population of around 2,200.  The restaurant had a quite interesting history, once being a restaurant and bordello.  The town had an old western feeling.


We settled into our hotel for the evening, had breakfast at the hotel in the morning, then headed for New York. 

Below are pictures of The Novotel Time Square - our hotel for the next 3 nights.

7th Floor Lobby

Bar area in the lobby area

Breakfast area

The wrap around terrace outside of the lobby area.

We had a bit of free time before obtaining our room keys, so everyone set out to explore and get their bearings.  Minnie got a little upset with us because we gave the tip to "Spiderman", who took our picture and told him to split it with the other characters.

After freshening up, we boarded our bus and headed to Heartland Brewery for dinner, located at the base of the Empire State Building, after which time we went to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building.

Breakfast at the hotel in the morning before we met our local tour guide, Michael, for the day.  We had about a one hour delay starting the scheduled ay, as our bus was held up in the tunnel due to an accident in the tunnel.  So Michael decided we would do a walking tour around the area until our bus arrived. 

The old Ed Sullivan Theatre was just down the block from us, where the Stephen Colbert Show was having its first opening.  News trucks were all around waiting for Stephen to show up to tape the show.

And Rupert's Hello Deli, where David Letterman used to visit, was just around the corner.

Michael, our local guide, is shown below in the pink and white checked shirt.  There could be no better guide in town than this man!  What a wealth of information is stored in his head!

Our driver called that he was minutes away, so we headed back to the hotel.  Our first stop was Battery Park, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty.


The Immigration Building.

Each person was given a brief medical exam.  The letters below indicated which medical problem, if any, they had.

The Stairs of Separation.  The people were divided down the stairway as to the medical condition.  Those with medical problems were sent back home, even if their family members were not.


We departed and headed to the 911 Memorial site.  It was amazing how such a beautiful area could be so sad.

Katie McCloskey's inscription on the wall surrounding one of the pools.

The only completed building building so far.  Sorry to hear that there are only 3 tenants in the building.

Below is a picture of the only tree that survived that day.  The city uprooted the tree, took it to a park and planted it, and when the memorial was complete, they uprooted it again and took it back to the 911 Memoiral park, where it is to never be removed.

A memorial to the first responders on 9/11.

We then walked across the street to Essex World Cafe , where many of the people ran to that day.  The restaurant was then set up as a medical station.  Memorials were abundant in what is now back to a restaurant.

Michael with the owner of the restaurant, who spoke to us briefly.

And our waiter.


It was so hot, Hot, HOT that day at 97 degrees that we decided to board the air conditioned bus and proceed with our driving tour through Chinatown, SoHo, the Garment District, and various parts of the city, going back to our hotel.

The Garment District

Below is the people standing in line to see America's Got Talent.  You can't see the end of the line.

After freshening up at the hotel, we boarded the bus to Cucina & Co. Restaurant located at Rockefeller Plaza for dinner.  Ellen Degeneres was filming on the skating rink area, but we couldn't even peek in.

After dinner, we went to the theatre to see Kinky Boots.  What a wonderful production that had everything from great talent, superb music, and down out belly-laughs.  I'd have loved to snap some pictures there, but didn't want my camera confiscated.  The show was terrific!

Breakfast at the hotel before heading to The Cloisters Museum.  A very unusual museum which was superbly guided by the lovely lady in the light teal blouse.  As I mentioned before, New York has to have the most marvelous enthusiastic tour guides than any other city!

Lunch was located on the same property at The New Leaf.  Beautiful outdoor seating.  This gem was sorely in need of renovation and was discovered by the NYRP Founder Bette Midler, who undertook the clean-up and repair.


Next was a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dinner tonight was at Ellen's Stardust Diner, located 1 block from our hotel.  A quirky, lively restaurant with musically talented wait staff working their way to get onto Broadway.  The picture below was taken from the terrace at our hotel.

Singing to our passengers celebrating their 50th anniversary.

My choice for dinner was meatloaf.

Various pictures of which I am unsure of their sequence at this point.  :-)  And I did not get the picture of the police officer delivering the baby in the back of the SUV.

St. Patrick's Church

A group of adventurous ladies at Central Park during some of our free time.

The entrance to Central Park.

We had breakfast at the hotel before having the morning free to explore, departing for the Radisson in Clarion, PA, where we had a lovely dinner at the hotel.  Breakfast in the morning before departing for home.  I must have been all camera'd out at this point!

We hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures from our marvelous New York City adventure!