NASCAR - Michigan International Speedway
Sunday, June 15, 2014

It was a near perfect day for a day at the races.  Maybe it could have been a little overcast, as we all came home with a bit of a sunburn. 

Arriving at MIS, we picked our parking spot among the other buses in the bus parking lot.  We parked next to the bright blue bus from Niagara Falls, New York.  Cardinal Buses had 3 buses at the track that day.

We headed to the Acceleration Club tent for lunch before proceeding to the track and the pit area. 

Paul, our driver, snapped this picture.  A miniature UPS truck which was actually delivering packages to the track.

I'm not sure what the helicopter was for, but it did say "Survival Flight" on the side.

I have to admit that we were somewhat disappointed with the restrictions they've put on pit access this year, but we were able to get behind the fence where the cars were on display, then being pushed onto the track.

I'm not a NASCAR fan, so I hope I got the correct names matched up with the cars.  Thank you, Georgann, for the help!






And the pace car.

We then headed to our seats.  You can see the beautiful blue skies.  Rain had been predicted early in the week.  It was so bright, I couldn't see the image in the screen of my camera, so I took additional shots to make sure I got them.

The fly-over.

And the cars enter the track.

You can also tell the amount of sun we had by the sunburn on the top of this fella's head.

There were 7 accidents in all, with an accident in Lap #1, then again in Lap #2, but none resulted in any of the cars being out of the race.  Jimmy Johnson won the race.