Million Dollar Quartet
August 15, 2012


8.16.12  Good pictures ! We had a really enjoyable day !    Thelma T.

8.17.12  Wonderful food-Wonderful show- Wonderful pictures and a Wonderful day-so glad this Wonderful trip was a "Go".   Nancy G.

8.17.12  We loved, loved, loved the trip. Mike especially has been bragging about the great show. Pix are great. I'm glad I listened to you!! Geri B.

I don't think I would ever tire of seeing this outstanding show!  Great music, high energy, and colorful characters.

Prior to the matinee performance, we had lunch at Buca di Beppo's in downtown Chicago.  We were served Caesar salad, bread, spaghetti marinara, chicken parmesan, fettuccini alfredo, chocolate cake, and beverages amid a very quirky atmosphere.

We had time to spare before departing for the show, so several took a better look at the pictures on the walls. 

Nuns driving bumper cars.

Nice outdoor seating area while waiting for the bus to pick us up.

A poster inside the theatre.

The main cast of the show.

The performer who blows this show out of this world!

A great shot of Chicago departing for home.