Meijer Gardens & Chihuly Exhibition
August 18, 2010

It was a little drizzly as we loaded the bus to head for Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, but it turned out to be a super day, with beautiful blue skies and while fluffy clouds.  Meijer Gardens has experienced record breaking attendance during this Chihuly Exhibition!

Please feel free to save any of the pictures from this page.  If you were a passenger on this trip and would like a full size copy of any picture, just right click on the picture to get the number of the picture.  Then email me and I will be more than happy to email you the full size picture.  They have been resized on the website.

We have posted several pictures here, but we feel Meijer Gardens and the Chihuly Exhibition both deserve the exposure.

The first pictures are the inside lobby, a sculpture in the lobby and the gift shop.


We then went back outside to board the tram for our ride through these magnificent gardens.

Karl was our docent on the tram.  He was truly knowledgeable about the gardens and sculptures and had a wonderful sense of humor.  Our driver, Paul, sat up front with our tram driver, Ed, who was a retired commercial pilot.  We asked that he please not drive the tram in speeds that would exceed the speed of those jets he used to drive.

The Chihuly creations were intermingled throughout the grounds among the permanent Meijer Foundation sculptures.  What a wonderful combination!  And the beautiful skies made the scenery that much more spectacular.

The below sculpture was very intriguing.  From one angle you saw a man, while from the other angle you saw a woman.

Below is the Da Vinci Horse.

Below is a replica of the home in which Frederik Meijer's wife, Lena, grew up.  He had this home built on the grounds as a gift to Lena.  I found it quite interesting that Lena was the first cashier ever hired by Frederik's father, who told Frederik that he should look at her as a potential wife.

After the tram ride, we went into the cafe for lunch where wonderful Chihuly chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

After lunch, we then had free time to walk through the indoor gardens and/or explore the outdoor gardens on foot.

We made a stop at Robinette's Apple Haus on the way home.  They had apples, peaches and nectarines in season.  Of course, we had to visit the wine cellar for a little wine tasting.

Thank you, Paul, for the additional pictures below.

The below pieces were based on Walla Walla onions, grown in Chihuly's home state.

Standing at the base of the Da Vinci Horse.

Smaller version of the horse.

The below is not driftwood.  It is sculpted from bronze and treated to appear to be driftwood.