Meijer Gardens



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Meijer Gardens
August 5, 2015

The weather was picture perfect for an outdoor excursion to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  With only 1 empty seat on the bus, we loaded up to head north.

Upon our arrival, we were scheduled for lunch in their lovely cafe, which features a Dale Chihuly ceiling sculpture.

Since our group was so large, half of us were scheduled on the 2:30 tram ride through the outdoor gardens and sculpture park, with the other half scheduled on the 3:30 tram.  I chose to go on the 3:30 tram, so we first explored the indoor exhibits.

I loved these barrel cactus. As you can see, there are several buds on the cactus in the left rear.

We then headed out the back to stroll through some of the gardens that were near the building.

There is a children's garden and, of course, water is always enticing to kids.

We then headed back inside to catch our tram and caught some of our passengers along the way.

This horse was quite an interesting piece made to look like it was sculpted from driftwood, but was actually bronze.

I've come to appreciate artists' talents, but even with a narrator on the tram, I have to admit that I did not quite understand all of the sculptures.........

.......but for the most part, I did.

If you look closely, you can see these are connecting letters, depicting conversation.

We then entered the area of the new Japanese Gardens.  At this point, you could exit the tram and walk through the Japanese Gardens, which, of course, we did.

And it's all about tranquility.