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Riverside Resort - Laughlin, Nevada
July 19 - 22, 2018


Yes, indeed, it was hot in Laughlin while we were there - between 102 and 109 degrees during the heat of the day.  But as they say "It's a dry heat".  But in all honesty, it did not feel as hot to me as I had expected.

These pictures are not going to be in chronological order, as we did so much, I can't remember which day we did what. 

First of all, some views of the area on different days. 

One afternoon a good sand storm kicked up.  You can barely see the mountains across the river.

Then another day, we had a pretty decent rain.  We experienced a variety of weather - sand storm, rain, and extreme heat.  It makes for an interesting vacation.

Took a stroll to the Colorado Belle and had pizza at Pints Brewery and Sports Bar.

Then one evening, we went to a show at Don Laughlin's Celebrity Lounge to see ABBAFAB.  A great show featuring songs by ABBA.  The first picture was the cutest couple of ABBA fans dressed for the occasion. 


The group met the guests after the show.

We also did a dinner cruise on the Celebration Belle.  A nice relaxing cruise on the Colorado river with excellent food.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Prime Rib


A little relaxing time on the upper deck with entertainment.

And I snitched a picture of Diane having Mexican dinner at Casa Serrano at Riverside - a great restaurant!

Then it was bye bye to Laughlin until the next time.

Many thanks to Tomi F. and Denise G. and Diane N. for having some pictures available for me to use.