Laughlin 2017 Jan




Laughlin, NV - Riverside Resort
January 26 - 29, 2017

A trip to Laughlin, Nevada very unlike what we are used to.  It was quite chilly, mainly in the 40s, but very windy.  I guess Nevada experiences a wind chill factor the same as we do.  We had a wonderful room where our patio opened right onto the pool.  If only we could have enjoyed it.

At this point, the remainder of the day was free to do as we pleased.

On Friday morning, a group went on a Nevada Desert Tour through Laughlin Tours.  Beautiful scenery, but it was windy and chilly, although a bit less windy than around the Colorado River and the casinos. 

We came across this interesting little plot, which we believed was a small burial site.  If you look close on the left side, you can see a solar light.


A couple of interesting rock formations.

On the same day, 2 couples rented a car and went to the Grand Canyon, via Route 66.

In the evening, some of us blew our way to the next casino, Aquarius, to listen to the nightly band.

Saturday everyone did as they pleased.  We went to the movie theatre to see "A Dog's Purpose".  Our particular agenda for the evening was to attend mass, go to the Prime Rib Room for prime rib, then attend the Doug Kershaw Show at the Riverside.  Just prior to meeting up for mass, I hit 165 free spins, so mass was out for me.

It was an earlier than normal departure on Sunday morning, so we gathered up to be transported to the airport and leave for home.  Of course, the weather prediction for Sunday was the best day we were there.  I guess we have to experience Nevada at its best and worst.