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Laughlin, Nevada
May 6 - 9, 2016


5.12.16  Great pictures, Becky. Thanks for taking them. It was a really good trip. Had lots of fun.  Tom & Tomi
5.12.16  We had a wonderful time. Great trip and great friends.  Sue & Bill

We boarded our plane in South Bend for another great trip in Laughlin, Nevada.  For some reason, there was a bit of confusion at the airport in South Bend and ended up taking off a little bit late.  It was an early flight, so we had plenty of time on Monday in Laughlin - especially since they are 4 hours behind us.

The view from our room.

Depending if our bodies were still working on Indiana time or Nevada time, we had breakfast/lunch on Saturday morning.

My strawberry pancakes.

Tom's salad

John's skillet

And the boys both got the clean plate award.

Early afternoon, we took a cruise down the Colorado River down to the Davis Dam.

Beach, picnic, and camping area along the river.

Harrah's is on the southernmost end of the boardwalk and Riverside is the northernmost end.

Late afternoon, we always attend mass at Riverside.  I decided to play a little bit before heading to mass.  I hit 450 free spins, so needless to say, I never made it to mass.

Then in the evening, we attended a show at The Riverside - "Desperado" - an Eagles Tribute.  Great music!

Sunday morning, we boarded our shuttle to Kingman and Oatman, Arizona.  It's magnificent scenery on the way.

The locals refer to this mountain formation as Don Laughlin's mountain - saying goodbye and thank you.

Our first stop was Kingman.

Time to jump back on our shuttle and head to Oatman.

Absolutely beautiful scenery, but the narrow road leading to Oatman can be a bit scary.  You can't get the image of how deep it was to the bottom from the picture below.  If a vehicle goes over the edge, they leave it there.  Not much left of it to retrieve.

It can be some pretty tough living out there.

And we arrive in Oatman.

The Harley Davidson River Run was held the weekend before we were there, which probably explains the abundance of Harleys in Oatman.

The burrows are direct descendents of the burrows who were left when the mining town was abandoned.

We had lunch in the Oatman Hotel, where Carol Lombard and Cary Grant honeymooned many years ago.  Yes, those are dollar bills covering every surface inch.

A mock gunfight is held twice daily, with the proceeds going to charity.

On our way back to Riverside, we made a one hour stop at a new Indian Casino - The Avi.  Then everyone was on their own for the evening.

We had a late afternoon departure for home.

The flight home was a bit rough - probably the result of the storms in Oklahoma.  But we had great pilots and got home safely.