Laughlin 2016 Jan




Laughlin, Nevada
January 9 - 13, 2016


Our departure time was a bit later than normal, departing South Bend around 5:00 PM and arriving in Laughlin around 6:30 PM Laughlin Time.  Personally, I liked the later departure better.  They transported us by bus to the Riverside Resort and took our bags to our rooms, with the evening free to do as we pleased.  It was unseasonably cool while we were there - in the 50's - but we sure were not complaining when everyone was receiving weather reports from home.

The view from our room.

This evening's sunset.

On Sunday, we attended mass in the morning, then went to see "Sisters" in the afternoon.  We also took a walk next door to Aquarius to play a little bit.  In the evening, Don Rose, An Elvis Tribute Artist was performing at Riverside and put on an excellent show.

We had reserved a tour to Kingman and Oatman, Arizona on Monday morning.  Our driver/tour guide was superb and detailed about the entire area as we drove this this magnificent scenery and Route 66.

I had to take a picture of donkey poo when we stopped at an overlook.

From this overlook, you could see Nevada, Arizona and California.  I found this spot very interesting.  There is an area where people have put up memorials for loved ones who loved this spot.  There was even a memorial for someone's dog.

Along the way, our tour guide pointed out a vehicle which had gone over the side of the mountain.  As we looked along the way, there were a few other vehicles which met the same fate.  They just leave the vehicles there.

Our First stop was the Kingman Visitors Center and Museum.


It was time to load back into the van and make our way to Oatman.

The burros are all direct descendents of the burros which were left after the gold miners left Oatman.  There is only one male - Duke - who inhabits the area.  If another male tries to move in, a battle ensures and Duke always seems to win, as indicated by his obvious battle scars.  After the male offspring grow into adulthood, Duke also shoves them out.

You will see a note affixed to the forehead of the babies which say "Do Not Feed.  I am Nursing".

This one was way too interested in my camera.

Everyone was concerned about this little guy, wondering if he was OK.  He was just sunning himself and eventually got up and wandered around with the rest of the burros.

Some had lunch at the Oatman Hotel, where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard honeymooned.

It was time to leave to go back to Laughlin after a great day in Arizona!  We had dinner that evening at the Mexican restaurant at Riverside.  My choice was called the Mexican Flag and, no, I couldn't eat all of this!

This is the only picture I took in the casino.  And the payoff was not as good as it looked.

Of course, there's always room for ice cream every night before going to bed.

The view from our seats at breakfast on Tuesday.

We had purchased tickets to see The Kingston Trio on Tuesday evening.  They were holding a press conference in the afternoon, which we attended.  the shows are held in the same room in which mass and a Methodist service are held on Saturday and Sunday.

The Kingston Trio performs at Riverside every year and this is the second time we were there and able to attend.  They put on a great show.

Wednesday arrived, giving us a sad day when we had to leave that afternoon.  We had a great time and went on an interesting tour which we had not done before.