Laughlin 2015 Feb




Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort - Laughlin, Nevada
February 5 - 8, 2015

Just having lived through a pretty decent snowfall and cold temps, the timing could not have been any better to fly away to a warm climate for a few days.  Thanks so much to Kathi and Tomi for sending me some of their pictures to share, which I have mingled in the appropriate days.

Is this an example of a fear of flying???

Although this is a night shot, this is the sign to welcome everyone

A couple of pictures of room views.

The watch shop inside Riverside Resort.

The city at night.

Some of the vacationers took the riverboat ride out of Riverside Resort down to the Davis Dam.

Crystal Gayle was performing at The Riverside while we were there.

One of the 2 free car museums at Riverside Resort.  It looks like Kathi is trying to get Vanna's job.

The food is great at all of the restaurants at Riverside.

Coffee Buddies.

The huge size of this Coney dog at the deli in the bowling alley doesn't show well in this picture, but compare her finger next to the Coney dog.


Of course, there's more to Laughlin than eating.  And some went home extremely happy.

2 baby beavers along the boardwalk.  Tomi was skeptical about disturbing the skunk for a picture.

Tom enjoying the warmth, serenity, and beauty of the area.

6 of us decided to take the jet boat ride to Lake Havasu and the London Bridge.  It is a 2 hour ride down the Colorado River, 2 hours at London Bridge, and a 2 hour ride back.  An absolutely fabulous experience!  You buy your ticket and board in front of The Edgewater Hotel and Casino.  Captain Joe and Gertrude, his Schnoodle assistant, were at the helm, which took us through Topock Gorge and Needles, California.  I highly recommend this trip for anyone who is in Laughlin.

A train crossing the river overhead.

Entering Lake Havasu Park

There's always room for ice cream!

Just a few steps from the upper level to the lower level.  Be sure to look all the way to the bottom.

Capt. Joe and his wife also owned a little gift shop, The Shack, in Lake Havasu

It was then time to board the boat and head back to Laughlin.

A pipeline carrying natural gas.

And another train overhead.

The view at dinner our last night.  Someone asked me if that was a flying saucer watching us.

The sad day comes when it's time to go home.

4 bus groups just arriving.

The Oak Ridge Boys' bus.  They were performing starting the night we left.

On our flight from South Bend to Laughlin, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Gizmo, a service dog on the plane, and caught up with him again at the airport for our return flight.

Our return flight was a little over an hour delayed because of heavy rain and storms in Spokane, but it finally arrived.