Jewelry & Fashions 2014





Ladies Jewelry, Fashions & Accessories Show
October 25, 2014

We boarded our bus with a group of ladies eager to do some serious shopping and headed to Chicago.  Since I had pre-registered everyone and we all had our entry badges, we were able to just walk in.

It almost takes your breath away when you first enter and wonder how to start, but we just go to the right and start browsing up and down the aisles.

Look at the prices on these belts.......

and these watches.  You could buy a few colors, even if they only last for a couple of years of fun.

Beautiful sweaters.


Darling little girls clothing.

Little boys jackets - leather and all.

A booth was doing hair makeovers.

This gentleman was making jewelry while you wait.  He had the coolest ring with my name on it and in my size with a flaw in it (which I couldn't find), and I'm so sorry now that I did not buy it.  He made a necklace for one of our passengers, starting with plain thin wire and twisted it into her name with a pair of needle nose pliers.

I think she was pleased with her purchase.

There was a booth with glitzy trinkets.

And a Christmas booth.

And a large dining area to grab something to eat and take a breather.

With packages in hand, we boarded the bus to head home.  I wasn't sure at first why this picture turned out so blurred, but realized it was the sun peering over and reflecting off the bus.  It was an absolutely stellar autumn day for a fun shopping trip.