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Inbound Groups &
Receptive Services

TravelStarz also offers step-on guide and receptive services to groups touring South Bend, Indiana and the surrounding areas.

South Bend:  Notre Dame.....and a Whole Lot More!

Can't get tickets to a Notre Dame game, but would love to experience to mystique of Notre Dame Stadium?  Then how about attending the spring Blue Gold Game - offense vs. defense!  TravelStarz can arrange for tickets and a tailgate party prior to attending the game.   

Or is your alumni group planning to attend a game and flying into Chicago?  We will make arrangements for a motor coach to pick you up in Chicago, as well as tour the area while visiting South Bend and the surrounding area.  Make the most out of your trip to South Bend!


We highly encourage tour groups to visit South Bend to learn of its colorful history and heritage.  Whether 

If South Bend is your destination, or if you are passing through on your way to some other location, we assure your passengers will be pleased with what South Bend has to offer. 

South Bend offers a wide variety of eateries to satisfy every group's needs.....The Studebaker National Museum, Copshaholm, Notre Dame, Tippecanoe Place.....and don't forget South Bend Chocolate, our "sweet" factory tour.