I Love Lucy




I Love Lucy
October 10, 2012

10.14.12 We had a very nice time on the trip to the "I Love Lucy Show". Also the pizza was very delicious. Thanks for a wonderful day!   Bob & Carol D.


It was a beautiful sunny day for a trip to Chicago, even though it turned a bit brisk when we were ready to depart the theatre for home, but that's to be expected in The Windy City.

Lunch prior to the show was at Connie's Pizza - great atmosphere, excellent service, and an abundance of yummy pizza, salad, and soft drinks.

With full tummies, it was time to head to the Broadway Theatre for the show.  That tall shiny building straight ahead is the new Trump Tower.

Had to take a picture of one of the brave pigeons milling around the outside of the theatre.

Michelle and Jackie, the two ticket takers at our entrance.

Yes, there is no video or audio allowed once you get inside the theatre, but without a flash, what's the harm???

Paul, our driver, made record time in getting back to us at the theatre and getting out of Chicago. 

No trip to Chicago is complete without stopping at Culver's!