Horseshoe August




Horseshoe Casino - Hammond, IN
August 25, 2014

They were predicting a gloomy, rainy day today, so it was a great day to spend at the casino.  We loaded our passengers, making it a totally filled bus, and headed to Hammond.

Not being allowed to take pictures in the casino makes it difficult to get very many pictures to view, but I did take some while having our buffet.  It was nice and sunny at first when we went for lunch, but a pretty good storm moved in, giving us a good lightning show over Lake Michigan, as you can see the progress out the window in the pictures below. These pictures were taken within a matter of minutes of one another.

The casino was busy and there were a couple of nice little winners on our bus.  I did come home ahead, thanks to the machine below, but certainly would have benefited more had that pesky square in the lower left hand corner matched all the other squares.  Those on the right are all wilds.

Some of us won............and some of us didn't fare so well.

Our time was up and it was time to depart for home.