Holland Tulip Festival




Holland Tulip Festival
Goshen Salvation Army
May 6, 2015


We had the distinct pleasure of organizing a day trip to the Holland Tulip Festival for the Goshen Salvation Army.  Words can't explain what a wonderful experience this was for me and the enthusiastic group of people we had on the bus that day.  This will be a trip I will long remember.

Our Cardinal bus picked up the first group of people at the Goshen Salvation, then did a quick stop at Big R in Elkhart to round out our 50 passengers and head north to Holland, Michigan.  Upon arrival into Holland, we had lunch at the Holland Salvation Army.


We were blessed with magnificent weather and the tulips were at their height in bloom.

I know there are a huge amount of pictures below, but I was so inspired by the participation and enthusiasm displayed by everyone, and so many children involved, I could find very few pictures I was willing to omit.  And there was plenty going on with the parade lasting one hour.  If you would like your faith restored in today's youth, go to the Tulip Festival Parade next year.

The school bands ranged from 6th grade through high school.  Please take note of how proud they all stood.

First came the street scrubbing.  These young children were adorable.

This is 4-month old Snickers 1st parade.

A huge load of admiration goes to Antonette Reese, standing in the center in gray, who heads the activities at the Goshen Salvation Army.

It was a very sunny day with the temperature hitting at least 80 degrees.  Some of these school bands were in full uniform.

Below is a picture of a new activity that has hit some areas in Michigan - a traveling bar.  You can enjoy your beverage of choice while a representative from the company cycles you around town.

The parade was over and we had about one hour before our bus was to pick us up back at the park.  I had to stroll the park and enjoy the beautiful grounds and tulip beds.  You will notice that the timing for the festival was so perfect that some of the tulips were not even fully open yet.  Ahhhh......the beautiful fragrance in the air!

I found a couple of our passengers also strolling through the park gardens.

After boarding the bus and before heading out of town, we stopped at one of their tulip gardens.  Below is a picture of those who still had enough energy to get off the bus and have a closer look.

On our way home, we stopped at Golden Corral for dinner.  After a magnificent day full of sunshine, warmth, and entertainment, I'm sure everyone slept well.

Thank you, Goshen Salvation Army, I had a wonderful day!