Gun Lake October



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Gun Lake Casino
October 18, 2016

10.19.16  That was a really nice casino.  I had a great time.  Janet B.

10.19.16  Had a great time and won.  Vickie C.    

Gun Lake Casino has gotten to be one of our favorite casinos.  It's a smaller casino, nice, bright and wide open.  We had a few passengers who came home with smiles on their faces.

Early after our arrival, most went to the Sandhill Cafe for lunch.  We were given $5.00 to be applied to our meal, making it easy to have a nice meal for only $2.00 or $3.00.

It's nice having a phone with a camera.  It seems if you take out a regular camera and take a picture, you get a slap on the hand, but they never say a thing if you take pictures with your cell phone.  Go figure!  But I also don't make a big production out of it while taking pictures.

So often, my machines come up with all symbols filling the screen, with the exception of one.

Starting to gather up and head for home after a very pleasant day.