Gun Lake April



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Gun Lake
April 16, 2016

We boarded the bus and headed to Gun Lake Casino in Wayland, Michigan on a totally magnificent day weather-wise. 

Gun Lake Casino is a very pleasant and bright casino with plenty of walking room between the machines.  Most headed to the Sandhill Cafe to use their $5.00 coupon on lunch.  You can easily get breakfast or lunch there and only spend $2 - $3 out-of-pocket.  The food was wonderful!

Myron's ham steak and eggs.  Look at the size of that ham steak!  He could not eat it all, so the doggies got a treat that is lasting them 3 days.

My olive burger and tater tots.

If there are not many floor walkers on the floor, you can snap pictures once in a while, but the casino had plenty of floor walkers to help anyone in need, but eliminated the opportunity for pictures.  I did sneak only a couple.

It was time to head home.  I didn't hear any complaints from anyone losing all the money they took to play with, so that made it a good day.