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Gun Lake & FireKeepers Casinos
April 7, 2015

4.7.15:  Hi Becky, Great day today.  Tom and I both came home slightly ahead, so a good day.  I will give you a check on Friday for Horseshoe.  There are a couple more trips we are interested in, so I'll give you that list.  Thanks again for organizing a good time!   Tomi F.

4.8.15:  Had a great time. Came out a little ahead. It was great to be with friends and have a fun filled day.  Sue G.

We headed out with our bus packed with passengers ready to have a great day on a somewhat drizzly and dreary day.  By the time we reached Gun Lake Casino, our first stop, it had cleared up, with the remainder of the day being cool and pleasant.  We were given $10 to play in the machines and a $5.00 coupon to be used toward food.  It was very easy to order a very nice breakfast for 2 people and only pay $2.00 to $3.00 total. 

As with all of our casino trips, there are very few pictures taken, as cameras are not allowed in the casinos.

We then moved on to FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, where we were given $20.00 in machine play and a $5.00 coupon.  Many had enough points on the cards that with the coupon, their wonderful buffet was free.  We were greeted by a representative at FireKeepers and everyone listened to his explanation on how to access our machine credits.

I think Kathy was explaining to us why you should eat dessert first!