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November 14, 2013

11.15.13  Thanks again for a great trip. You introduced us to a lot of places , and things, we were not acquainted with. We really enjoyed our trip.   Marge D.

We headed out to Warsaw and Leesburg, Indiana on a beautiful sunny November day.  Our first stop was Maple Leaf Farms in Leesburg, where they specialize in duck.  We all gathered at "Duck University" to see duck prepared and have a sampling, as well as some light refreshments before the demonstration.

The chef first passed around a package of duck, which can be purchased at Martin's before he began the demonstration.

It was nice having a big screen to see the cooking top.  Duck is a red meat, not poultry, as you can see by the medium rare piece of meat that he had cooked.  We all got a sampling, which was very flavorful and surprisingly very tender.

We were served a lunch of BBQ pulled duck sandwich and accompaniments.  Very tasty!  After that, we went into their gift shop where you could buy duck down pillows, comforters, kitchen gadgets of all kinds, and duck products.

Our next stop was Warsaw cut glass, where the glass artisan etches on crystal using a stone cutting wheel run by 1911 wheels and belts.  He is amazing, as he does this all freehand, only marking 2 red circles on the piece to show where to place the main focal point to give the piece balance.

This is their main showroom.

The next stop was the Village of Winona on Winona Lake.  These beautiful musical instruments cut from tree trunks lined the street.  I hate to admit, but I must have been too busy shopping the specialty and artisan shops and tasting wine and forgot to take pictures.


Paul is always so patient in waiting for us in parking lots.

Our last stop was Himalayan Salt Creations in Warsaw.  The salt came to the surface of the earth thousands of years ago and is said to have healing powers for ailments and allergies and has been made into beautiful lamps, bowls, carved pieces, etc.  Salt slabs are also used for cooking upon, as well as pulverized eating salt.

We then went into their salt cave.  Oh my, how soothing and relaxing!  I could have easily taken a nap in there!  It has crushed salt on the floor, with a large bin in the center holding huge chunks of Himalayan salt.  It looks like fire under the salt, but that is simply light bulbs to heat the salt and optimize its healing value.

Of course, there was shopping before boarding our bus and heading for Culver's for a bite to eat before heading home.  It was a fun day with lots of new experiences.