German Fest - Milwaukee
July 25, 2009

7.26.09 - Thanks for a fun trip, as usual. I loved the jets, they always
give me such a thrill, but I really would like to be in one of them, as
a guest. I want to tell you I think you did a very professional job. 
Please tell Paul we missed him and hope he enjoyed the wedding, but I
found his cousin to be a good sub. for him. I had a good day visiting my friend Joanie, and hoping next year, to do the same at the Polish Fest.
You do such a good job, and I appreciate all you do for all of us on
your trips.       Phyllis R.

7.26.09 - Sure had a great time eating and shopping my way through the German Festival with you!!  Looking forward to the next trip with you. Can't wait to see the pictures from Milwaukee.    Sue H.

We could not have asked for a more spectacular day for an outdoor festival!  They were predicting rain at 3:00 PM, and at precisely 3:00 PM, I felt one drop of rain on my cheek.  That was the extent of the precipitation.  Intermittent clouds would move in, which helped shield us from the sun.

Milwaukee holds a different ethnic festival almost every weekend during the summer in their wonderful Festival Park, situated on Lake Michigan, offering a huge selection of themed food, bands, shopping, and so much more for the entire family.

My first stop just inside the gate was to start eating my way through the festival by getting potato pancakes.  In line in front of us was a group of nice young men who would later show up in the parade.  The potato pancakes were served with applesauce and more than satisfied my taste buds with a generous serving.

The gentleman below was serenading the ladies in the potato pancake line.

One of the many bands that played German music while the festival-goers enjoyed doing the polka.

The Harley-Davidson stage where other bands played throughout the festival.

The overhead Sky Ride.

The parade held on the main road of the festival grounds.

Thank you, Tom, for sending the below pictures of the parade.

After getting to the end of the festival, we decided we would hop the Sky Ride, rest our feet and take in the beautiful view.

It was very tempting to join these kids cooling off and having a great time.

At the end of a fun-filled day, waiting for the bus to arrive.

See you in 2010 for the Milwaukee Polish Fest!!!