German Fest 2013




German Fest - Milwaukee
July 28, 2013

7.29.13:  Thank you for a fun-filled Oompah/Polka day. The food wasn't too bad either ! Paul's driving makes an otherwise gnarly drive so relaxing. Phyllis & Chuck

Our bus was filled to the brim as we headed to Milwaukee for German Fest on the festival grounds along the shores of Lake Michigan.  The temperature was in the high 60's - just perfect after those high temps of a couple of weeks ago.  Many thanks to Bud & Rose for sharing your pictures!

The main entrance.

The Sky Glider which takes you from one end of the festival grounds to the other.

There were several German bands playing and lots of dancing going on.  I was told one of the bands entertains regularly at Disney's Epcot.

The Children's Parade.

Some of the attractions along the way.

Bud & Rose.....a great shot of the Dachshund races area.  This is a huge attraction at German Fest!  There was every shape, color and size you could think of.  They even had some rescue dogs to be adopted.

Potato pancakes and apple sauce.

Look who we found waiting for the bus.

No trip to Milwaukee is complete without a stop at Mars Cheese Castle.