German Fest




German Fest - Milwaukee
July 29, 2012

German Fest always Serves up good food, great entertainment, and an all-around fun day!  The weather was super, only looking a bit threatening for about 10 minutes, but it blew over and never rained.

The Milwaukee Festival Grounds sit right along the shoreline of Lake Michigan and measure about 1/2 mile long, so you never have to worry about walking off all of that great food.  If you walk the length and do not feel like walking back, grab the overhead gondola for $1.00 per person and it will bring you back to the start of the festival.

There are several German bands for entertainment and dancing.

You will see that there are several sizes in these pictures.  They came from various cameras and sources.  Thank you, Paul, for taking the pictures from the gondola.

A fun little parade.

As you can see, this festival is very well attended.

And some beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Several visitors come dressed in costume.

And Dachshunds everywhere!  They even have a Weiner Race and a Doggie Costume Contest.

And kids having a great time in the shallow pool.


Lots of shopping for everything from Black Forest clocks, to jewelry, to German costumes.

Roasting hogs and chickens

And you are in Milwaukee...of course there are plenty of beer booths!