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Gangster Tour & Tommy Gun's Garage
September 20, 2017


First, I would like to thank Rosemary for sharing her pictures with me.

It was off to Chicago for a day of Chicago gangster fun.  Our first stop was at Tommy Gun's Garage for lunch and a show.

The picture on the wall in the center is the book cover of John Binder's book "The Chicago Outfit".  John was our step-on guide in the afternoon.  The gentleman sitting to the left of Al Capone (Al Capone's right) with the little girl on his lap is my uncle, Frank LaPorte.  He was married to my mother's sister.

Most of the pictures are rather grainy, as it was pretty dark inside and I had to lighten them, which did not turn out well.


There were great photo opportunities, of which several of us took advantage.

Art & Rosemary got to re-live their adventure from 1979.

Rarely are there ever any pictures of me, so I think Rosemary made sure there were two of them.

After everyone settled into their place, lunch was served.

Everyone said their food was super.



Prime Rib

The tables were cleared and the show was ready to start.

It was then announced that no picture taking was allowed, so that was the end of that, except for the one when they had Art up on stage.  They had also taken up John, Jan, and Rosie, but the opportunity was not good at that time.

The fella at the counter when we exited.

We then headed to Oak Park to pick up John Binder, the author of "The Chicago Outfit", to see where the gangsters of way back lived.  I'm not sure at this point that I have the homes in the correct order of the owners, so I will just list their names.  They should be in the correct order.

Sam "Teets" Bettaglia, Frankie Lake, 2 homes of "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn, "Tough Tony" Capezio, Paul Ricca, and 3 homes of Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo.

And I believe this was the home that was for sale for a cool $2.25 Million.