Frankenmuth 2017



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Frankenmuth - Christmas Treasures
November 28 & 29, 2017


We were off to enjoy our 5th annual trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan to get in the Christmas spirit.  Frankenmuth knows how to do that well!

Upon arrival, we visited St. Julian's Winery for a wine tasting. to get the trip started with a bit of libations.  We were greeted and taken to their back room where the wine barrels are stored and were given a taste of several of their prize winning wines.

I love it when passengers pose for a picture.  Proof they are enjoying themselves.

Larry taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

We were given a taste of their Solera Creme Sherry straight from the barrel.  This was wonderful!  I had to take a bottle home.

We then proceeded to Zehnder's Splash Village to unload our bags and check into our rooms before heading to Zehnder's for their famous chicken dinner and entertainment.  With a little time to spare before dinner was served, most went to explore their bakery and gift shop to see what they might like to purchase in the morning.

As you can see, the baked goods shelves are pretty well picked over by this time of day, so we go back the first thing the next morning when they are well stocked with goodies right out of the ovens.

The loaf on the top is iced Stollen Bread.  It's wonderful toasted, but I like to get the unfrosted loaf so the icing doesn't melt in the toaster. 

We were seated upstairs in our group reserved section for dinner (served family style) and the show.  Dinner consisted of cole slaw, cottage cheese, cranberries, chicken noodle soup, fried chicken, Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, noodles, sweet potatoes, and stuffing - I think that was it. 

I was told the 4 shows they had scheduled had sold out and they scheduled a 5th show, which had also sold out.  This was our 5th year attending and I had never seen this room so full.  I couldn't begin to capture in a picture the number of people who were there.  I guess word is getting around about what a great evening it is.  How would you like to serve 300+ people a full chicken dinner?  The service was excellent!

The tables were cleared and it was time for the show.  The entertainment was the "Teen Angels".  OK.......they were far from being "teens", but they put on a great show with great music and plenty of laughs.

"Bing Crosby" even showed up to sing some of his famous Christmas songs.

With full tummies, lots of laughs, and some warm Christmas songs in our heads, we headed for the hotel for the night.

A wonderful buffet breakfast was served at the hotel before departing, with our first stop back at the bakery.  Everything was fresh from the ovens, some of the bread still felt a tad bit warm, and the smell of yeast was in the air. 

The next stop was Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland - the ultimated Christmas shopping experience. 

Magnificent Nativities of all sizes.

Their ornaments are displayed by catagories, such as cats, dogs, occupation, babies, hobbies, countries of the world, etc.  If your subject is not there, it isn't available anywhere.

Bill & Sue go every year to complete their outdoor Nativity.  He thinks he completed it this year with the Three Wise Men, but he did mention he didn't have a cow and probably didn't need one.  I bet he's along next year to get that cow!

Sue was kind enough to send me a picture after the Three Wise Men were added.