Frankenmuth 2014




Frankenmuth, Michigan
December 2 & 3, 2014

12.4.14  "We did some serious shopping. Had a wonderful time.  We had a wonderful time and looking forward to going back next year"  Sue & Bill G.

12.5.14  "Becky, Just a quick note to let you know we had a wonderful time on this trip.  It was a very FUN time.  See you next year........"  Carol & Bob D.

12.5.14  Always fun on these trips.  Georgann D.

12.8.14  Can't wait to go again next year. You do an excellent job, Becky.  Jodie S.

Nothing will get you in the Christmas mood like Frankenmuth, Michigan, so we headed north!

Upon arrival into Frankenmuth, our first stop was Zehnder's Restaurant to try our hands at pretzel rolling.  They had 3 balls of fresh dough for each of us and some very patient instructors. 

Then they showed us how to squeeze our the air, roll the dough into strips and cross them over into a pretzel shape.

They were then placed on a piece of waxed paper, our names written on the pretzels we made, and they baked them.  We then picked up the finished product after our evening dinner show.

Our next stop was at Zeilinger Wool Company.  Kathy Zeilinger greeted us as we walked into the shop and was our guide throughout this amazing small manufacturing plant, which has to be a truly lost art.  I believe Kathy said the business is in their 3rd generation. 

People from around the world who still raise sheep and alpaca shear their fur, package it up, and ship to Zeiling to be processed so it can be made into various articles of clothing such as jackets, coats and skirts.  The day we were there, they were processing alpaca into what they called mats.

Kathy then took us upstairs to see where they make wool socks. The spools are the end product that is sent through the sock making making machines.

We then went into another room where ladies were making mattress pads totally by hand.  The first picture shows 2 ladies who were at the end process of making a mattress pad by hand sewing the tufting.  The 2nd picture is a lady finishing the out edges on an old Singer sewing machine.

We then went back downstairs to their showroom where we could make purchases.  Several mattress pads, socks, and travel pillows we purchased.

We then went to Zehnder's Splash Village to check into our hotel rooms and freshen up before going for the dinner show.

It was time to board the bus and head back to Zehnder's Restaurant for the dinner show.  We arrived a bit early to have time to shop their gift shop and bakery. 

I always buy a bottle of wine to bring home, so I chose their Red Currant.

After dinner, it was time for the show to begin.  New Odyssey was a group of 3 guys out of Chicago who played 30 instruments - everything from the 20's & 30's, patriotic, Christmas, and 50's & 60's music. 

The instrument below was called a melodica.

They did a couple of impersonations, and did a darn good job of it!  The drummer was hysterical as Tina Turner and he worked it pretty close to what Tina Turner does.  And look at those legs!

If you notice in the picture below, they are each playing their own instrument, as well as an instrument of one of the other guys.  They did a fabulous job and received a standing ovation.

It was time to go back to the hotel to settle in for the night after taking a ride through the downtown area and Christmas Lane at Bronner's to see the lights at night. 

In the morning, a marvelous breakfast was served at the hotel before going to Bronner's, which is right next door.  When you first walk into Bronner's, it's enough to take your breath away.  Displays are grouped into themes, such as angels, Santas, baby, sporting, dogs, cats, etc.

With our packages loaded into the luggage compartment of the bus, we were ready to head downtown for a couple hours of shopping the unique stores in downtown Frankenmuth before departing for home.