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Chicago Flower & Garden Show
Sunday, March 10, 2013

3.10.13  We had a great time, Becky! We'll be back !!  Lisa G.

3.11.13  I really enjoyed the trip to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. Thanks for hosting it.   Kathy H.

3.11.13  Had a great trip Sunday to flower show. Marilyn M.

3.16.13  Thanks for such a nice trip to Garden show. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the gift also.  Judy S.

On a cool, overcast, drizzly day, our spring senses came to life at the Flower & Garden Show in Chicago.  We arrived at Navy Pier, unloaded protected under a portico, the escalator was just inside the door, and the exhibit hall was right at the top of the escalator.  How convenient this was!

The beautiful exhibits and arrangements started the minute you walked in the door.

There was a section of ponds and waterfalls.

There were fish and turtles......

there were frogs.......

and even bigger frogs!

Table decorations.

A class on centerpiece arranging.

We even caught some of our passengers attending a seminar.

Fresh flowers to purchase.

An area of decorated cakes.

Decorated shoes.

And this was a truly amazing section - art work interpreted into floral arrangements.

Patio lights

And even wine tasting!

With a glance outside, it took us back to reality and reminded us that it was only early March.  With the beauty and wonderful smells that filled the air, you'd have thought it was May!