Flower Show 2015




Chicago Flower & Garden Show
March 14, 2015

3.14.15  I sure had a great time today in Chicago!  I just sent a $10 deposit for the Horseshoe on June 30th. Thanks again for a super great day of fun.  See you in June!  Suzi C.

3.15.15  Another success Becky!  Denise G.


We were blessed with another beautiful day for a day trip to Chicago.  And everyone was geared up for the day.


While there were still a few patches of snow on the ground, it was encouraging to smell the spring flowers.

There is a separate room which I believe are involved in a design competition which display some pretty amazing arrangements.

There was an arch that surrounded the entry to that room, which was too large for me to get into a photo, but this owl (as well as many others) made from corrugated cardboard, was worked into that arch.

The "petals" on this arrangement were made from rolled newspaper and magazine pages.

This "dress" was spectacular!

Mackinac Island's Grand Garden Show probably had the largest display.  This may have to be a trip we think about offering in 2016


Another way to recycle those empty bottles besides putting them in the recycle bin.  There were tiny lights in the bottles that hung overhead.

There are all kinds of booths that have to do with edibles from your garden.  The first photo is a booth of the best dip mixes you will find.  If you missed them at the Flower & Garden Show, they will also be at the Ladies Jewelry, Fashions & Accessories Show on our October 17 trip.

They also present cooking shows featuring local restaurants throughout the day.

Navy Pier is still under construction for their renovations, but the Chicago Skyline is still spectacular!