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Chicago Flower & Garden Show
Sunday, March 16, 2014

3.17.14:  We had a blast, Becky, and decided to make this an annual tradition. Thanks for putting it together.  My friends think you're the best thing since sliced bread!  Lisa G.

After a brutal winter and with there still being snow on the ground, it was a pleasure to be able to get out and smell spring flowers at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show on Navy Pier in Chicago.

A magnificent display at the entrance into the exhibit hall.

Tulips were in abundance.

A potting class.

This is not a very clear picture, but the stands were made from PVC pipe and plastic buckets.

A fancy chicken coop.

An annex displaying floral art.  If you look closely, the first picture is a computer theme.  The orange/red/yellow flowers are coming out of an old computer monitor.  I think this creator was in my office - that tangled mess of wire under the table looks like mine!

In the shape of a deer head.

A wine tasting area.  This is the fella that served us our ice wine.

Some wonderful teas.  I had to buy 3 different tea flavors and a brewing pot.

A cooking class.  The monitor is allowing us to watch as he cooks.  We even got to sample when it was done.

Some of our passengers after an enjoyable day.

It was encouraging to see that most all the ice was off Lake Michigan.