FireKeepers Casino and Rosie's
June 20, 2012


9.16.12  Thanks for the pics. It was a great trip, as usual. Thanks for having this trip again. Hope there might be one more before the end of the year, and that I can make it. Want to find the 2cent machine, that I actually won money, and it made me go home with money from the casino. So much fun, as usual.  As usual Rosie's was great and the rhubarb pie was the best.   Phyllis R.

We once again made our passenger pickups and headed to FireKeepers Casino.  I need to get a camera phone so I can sneak some pictures inside the casino.  I think they would see a big flash from my regular digital camera.  The employees at FireKeepers are always so congenial and helpful and make it a pleasure going to FireKeepers.

We then loaded back on the bus and headed to Rosie's for a super Amish dinner at her new home.  Family members are always sitting on the porch awaiting our arrival.  Their children paid for and helped the building on the new home for Mom and Dad and the two homes are attached by a sort of breezeway.  The new house is situated at the back of the prior house and certainly accommodated our 43 guests more comfortably with the open concept.

The front of the new house.

Showing how it is attached to the prior house, where the adult children are now living with their family.

This is their living room.  The open doorway to the right is the breezeway which attaches the two houses.

Still in the living room.  The open door leads to the bedroom.

The opposite wall in the living room.

The kitchen.

Look at those pies!  5 rhubarb custard and 4 cherry pies for our dessert.  And can't forget the homemade bread.

The breezeway which connects the 2 homes.

And my dinner plate.  I am usually so eager to dig in that I forget to take a picture until it is half gone.  Starting at the top going clockwise:  mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef, dressing, chicken, rice pudding, cole slaw, and in the center is corn.  Of course, home made bread and cherry jelly.

After dinner, Rosie took us in her bedroom.  She is so proud of her new big bedroom and bathroom.  The pictures in the bedroom are dark because of that precious 5 week old bundle sleeping on the bed.  When I asked if I could take a picture of the baby, she said it was fine because he isn't posing.

This is only part of the garden that is to the side of the house.

Several of our passengers always make sure they have dollars along when we go to Rosie's to give to the children.  It's no wonder the children are always so happy to see us come.  One of our passengers brought along dollar coins, as well as paper dollars and passed them out.  She sat on the porch with the children and explained to them that both were worth the same amount of money.  Yes, I had to take a picture......I figured the children were not posing.

How precious is this picture!  The one below has to be my most favorite picture that I have ever taken on a trip.  I love this family!

It was then time to leave and return home.